Monday, August 29, 2011


High-heels and socks.  So 90's!

Continuing with my reminiscence of the 90's.

Two things that were much better than they are now: pop music and fashion models.  Lady Gaga has nothing on George Michael and say, Madonna in their peak, and today's miserable looking and  perpetually starved stick figures of women are walking horrors juxtaposed to the Supermodels.  

Now, you might argue that both ages - the 90's and, so how do we call the present times? Post 9/11? Late 2000's? The Information Age? - are incomparable for they carry completely different substance values.  I say, the 90's had substance and values, and The Now has neither.  Sure, technology is great.  But culture...not so much.  One has to dig deep, or look back to find something to get inspired from and get excited about, if he is to avoid the pseudo-culture of TV shows, urban fashion, Martha Fuckin' Stewart living and Ikea Food that the Twitch Generation is shoving willingly down its own throat with the help of a greedy industry and ignorant governments.  And no, I am not being political, simply realistic.  I just can't stand all this commercialized and deprived of ideology crap that nowadays passes for culture.

Because culture always reflects the processes happening in a given society.  It's not rocket science, it's common sense: the Inka people used to make human sacrifices to please their gods and receive better crops, but also out of superstitious fear - a reaction to the arrival of the Spaniards; the Victorian upper class women were suddenly able to go out in the public space by themselves thanks to the invention of the bicycle; the hippies danced naked in the mud with flowers in their hair to protest against America's violent foreign policy.  

Culture shapes up after events and people's attitude towards these events.  During the 90's music and style expressed opinions formed as a reaction of the  crisis in the 70's and capitalism rise in the 80's.  The 90's culture was dubbed to be "alternative", a reactionary to over-consumerism and ignorance.   I find this reaction so urgently needed and perfectly fitting today's events.  Through melody and genuine voices, music should reflect emotion and personal ideas rather than being a mere entertainment tool.  Fashion should express beauty, happiness and health instead of being an empty and self-indulgent money making machine.  Today's pop music is extremely oversaturated with flashy visual effects, computerized voiceboxes, simplified melodies and rhythms, and a general appearance of acting in a certain way instead of being a certain someone.  I think this explosion of smoke and mirrors, bells and whistles, is nothing more than a symptom of the exhaustion of ideology today.  Contemporary pop music is trying to be as crazy as possible in order to distract us from the gloomy prospect of the world going rapidly to hell.  Or at least this is how I feel - as a witness to a carnival in times of a plague.

And in case you wouldn't agree that 90's music carried a stronger ideology than the music now, just think of what's been happening to gay's rights.  Sure, people now can same-sex marry in NY.  But I don't see much progress - not only in America, everywhere - aside of the fact that the gay community  became a bit more (rightfully) unapologetic and accepting of itself.  But somehow I still find Freedom'90 to have a better - simpler and stronger - message than Gaga's Born This Way.  

Or maybe I am just old-fashioned.  

So, here's a clip that combines the 90's culture, pop music and Supermodels (and the ability to make amazing music videos) all in one.  Please, also enjoy the photos I found on the internet of Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crowford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Nadja Auermann.  Good stuff, and the images speak so well of themselves too.

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